Kenya – The World’s Animal Kingdom

Do zoos have an irresistible attraction for you? Do you find yourself searching for television shows focusing on the adventures and challenges of animals in the wild? Very few of us are not fascinated by the habits and life experiences of wild animals. You simply can’t compare seeing wild animals behind fences in a zoo with actually seeing them running wild in their natural habitat. But before you can see them in the wild, you need to visit your local US passport office and get your passport.

Kenya is a country in Africa and is a popular destination for people who want to go on a safari where they will see more wild animals than they can count. Many animal lovers and adventure seekers look to Kenya to provide the excitement and experience they seek.

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is located within Kenya’s borders and is known around the world as the premier destination for safari seekers. Found within the Great Rift Valley, the number and variety of wildlife will take your breath away. Watch a lioness hunting for food for her cubs, watch cheetahs running like the wind and a hippo nestled in a pond. You will see elephants, rhinos and many other wild animals that you have only dreamed of seeing up close and personally. You can find 95 mammal, reptile and amphibian species and over 400 bird species within Kenya’s borders. Where in the world can you find a better place to see wild animals in their habitat? Nowhere!

Some think Kenya is all deserts and grasslands, but nothing could be further from the truth. Beautiful beaches and palm forests can be enjoyed on a Kenya holiday with the colorful variety of birds making the sights and sounds unmatched. Whether you prefer a simple cottage or a luxurious hotel, you will find your heart’s desire along the Kenyan coast.

Some of us are a little less adventurous but no less animal lovers. For these, Kenya offers numerous orphanages and crèches where injured or abandoned wild animals are brought. The visitor can observe the care provided and even touch many of these amazing creatures providing a truly unforgettable experience with many famous resident African animals.

Before you can start this adventure, you need to make sure that you and your family have met all the documents and requirements. This is only part of international travel, and you can easily expedite US passport applications online. Also be sure to check with the US Embassy in Kenya regarding the vaccinations required to travel to Kenya. They can also be contacted online. You will need to find out if a visa is required or if an entrance ticket is required. Getting the information in advance will go a long way in making your international travel planning process as stress-free as