How To Drink More Water And Like It

Most people don’t drink enough fluids, and when they do, they rarely drink water, which is essential for basic metabolism. A very common mistake people make is believing that because they drink liquids, they are consuming enough water. (Here’s some sarcasm: well, the reason water is called water and other drinks have specific names is because each has different properties and effects in your body! Duh!)

Water is the most important element in your life, perhaps even more important than air because more than three-quarters of your body is water. Dehydration is one of the main causes of the “disease”. The usual reasons people don’t drink water are that they don’t like the taste; it is tasteless; it tastes bad. Here are some tips for not only drinking enough water for optimal metabolism, but also for enjoying drinking water.

Make drinking water fun!

1) Goblet of water. Drink from a special, attractive, large glass that you use specifically for water. Since it can easily acquire the taste of its container, water tastes better in the glass (or in a clear / clear plastic, if safety is an issue). Using a goblet of water makes the process of drinking water special and attractive. Take a specific trip to buy your Water Chalice and notice the positive feelings you get when you choose it, which will enhance the pleasant associations you have every time you use your Water Chalice. It’s also a good idea to have a separate goblet of water for your office or any place where you spend a significant amount of time.

2) Lemon water. Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice into your water to enhance its cleansing qualities and add flavor. A splash of lemon (or lime) in water helps in the detoxification process of the body. You could also garnish your goblet of water with a lemon wedge for glamor.

3) Fruit water. Cut your favorite fruits and put them in a pitcher of water or a spoonful of fruit in your goblet of water. The problem of tasteless or tasteless water is eliminated and Fruit Water is very refreshing! Children also like this recipe. You can also make Fruit Water ice cubes and put a piece of fruit in each cube. Fruit water is a big hit at parties. When on the go, you can cut or lightly blend fruit and put it in a container (you can reuse a water bottle) to carry your Fruit Water. Obviously, Fruit Water should be a quarter (¼) or less of your daily water consumption. You need to drink plain water every day (a squeeze of lemon or lime is acceptable).

a) You can use this recipe with plain seltzer water to make Fruit Spritzers!

Develop good water drinking habits.

1) Drink smaller portions of water several times throughout the day to increase your water intake. Most sources recommend drinking eight (8), eight ounce (8 ounce) glasses of liquid per day.

2) Drink water at room temperature if you can. Cold water can cause muscle cramps and disrupt basic digestion and metabolism. Fresh, but not frozen, water is acceptable.

3) Good morning / Good night. Drink a glass of water first when you get up to aid digestion and elimination during the night. A glass of water 1-2 hours before bed is also excellent, but you may need to adjust the times to avoid disrupting sleep during potty breaks.

a) See bathroom breaks as a personal grouping time to repeat your affirmations and focus on your goals.

4) It is also good to repeat the affirmations every time you finish a glass of water.

5) Drink water at specific times. You can set timers to remind you to drink water, such as time reminders, or drink a glass of water every half hour while you’re watching your favorite TV shows.

6) Place water drink reminders in strategic places such as near your phone, on your desk, on your computer, on your agenda / schedule, on the bathroom mirror, on the TV, etc. You can use post-its or paper which is attractive so that you will immediately look towards it to remind you to drink water.

7) Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. Drink at specific

8) Drink water with alcoholic beverages. Drink a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume. This not only helps prevent drunkenness and a hangover, but allows you to better control the desired effects of alcohol and allow the body to detoxify faster.

a) You can dilute the wine with water or sparkling water (as the French wisely practice) or have 1 part alcohol in 2 parts water, or ½ and ½.

9) Always drink a glass of