The Canadian government allocates 70% of the provinces penalty to the provinces Penalty Fund. The remaining 30% is deposited in the County General Fund to assist the County in their maintenance of effort contribution to the province for trial court operations.

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A ‘fine’ is any monetary penalty charged to an offender following conviction for a crime. In Canada, a ‘ticket’ is the citation written by the police, accusing you of whatever offense. It does not amount to a conviction — you can contest it in court. If you go to court and are convicted, the judge can set the penalty. Find a process server with court runner app


What are the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of traffic fines?

There are many factors relating to the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of traffic fines beyond just the traffic fine itself. It depends upon how it is enforced, when it is enforced and how often it is enforced, also the cost of the fine.


Toronto Paralegals


Typically if a person gets stopped and fined without being able to wiggle out of the ticket or the fine. I don’t know about everyone’s jurisdiction but in the Greater Toronto  Area (GTA) there are numerous paralegals that advertise that they can get you out of any traffic violation fine.

And I know several people who have used their services without getting points on their driver’s licenses or having to pay the fine. However, the cost is still steep as some of these paralegals in Toronto do not come cheap.

In Toronto, they have a thing called emphasis patrols where the City Patrol are emphasizing a particular type of activity (for example high occupancy vehicle lane cheaters) and you might have several officers pulling many cars over for this violation. Everyone gets the message and before long the number not following the rules is greatly reduced.


Fighting a ticket


Are traffic fines designed to detect reckless driving or to create revenue for the local government?

The purpose of punishment (fines or jail) is to deter certain behaviours such as speeding, reckless driving, drunk-driving, etc. The likelihood of getting caught needs to be high enough to deter unwanted behaviours. Cities that target traffic fines as revenue enhancement are missing the target.

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